Somewhat fancy but tasty

I am still sitting here looking at two satisfied faces, a slight rest of tomato sauce in the corner of his mouth, and she opposing me with a last piece of delectable food on her plate, both with shining eyes leaning back into their chairs. The light is dimmed, some candles adding illumination to the very high room which are typical for the Hungarian metropolis. In front of the huge windows I can see people passing by through the cold start of a night at the beginning of March.

For my part, I take the last zip of my Fanta Orange out of the cold glass bottle everybody loves so much because it somehow tastes different, fresher, and more real than from the can. Using some white bread to dip the rest of my really tasty Hungarian goulash I enjoy the tranquility in my mind created in that m

oment by fresh pieces of meat, Hungarian peppers, Italian oil (most probably) and other delicious ingredients.

For the others, the happiness results from two huge hot stone-baked pizzas, fresh-made green tea and a bottle of Aqua Panna (as we are very responsible Erasmus students). The pizzas, in their case Salami plus ham and mushrooms, come with Rucola salad on top as well as big pieces of real Pasmesan. Although, the Pizza was really good according to my friends, it took the chef quite some time to prepare it (around twenty to twenty-five minutes).


On the downside, food prices for Hungarian standards are not that cheap and while the Pizzas are huge, the Goulash soup should be chosen as a started or ordered together with a salad (which I did not do). One big Mozzarella Pizza plus green tea was around 2500 HUF (around 8,20 €), the Pizza Salami plus ham, mushrooms and onions (this mix was not on the menu) was 3100 HUF (around 10,22 €). The somewhat small Goulash soup with drink was around 1600 HUF (around 5,27 €).

During the whole evening, we enjoy the comfort of the very friendly service personnel that even allows us to take pictures in the restaurant in the end and offers us to take a picture of our group. I will consider to go back there with my parents when they visit me in Budapest as the restaurant have good quality food for reasonable prices and very friendly waiters.

*If you are interested in going to this Hungarian-Italian Restaurant it is best to go from metro station Kalvin Ter into Raday Utca 16 and search for Trattoria Etterem.

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