Not only for cat-lovers

By now we are halfway done with the semester – meaning that the workload is increasing. Students become more stressed due to upcoming deadlines for assignments and exams. So we decided to take two hours off to relax. My friend suggested to try the cat cafe close to the Basilica, which was the first one to open in Europe. The successful idea has its origin in Japan, where apartments are rather small and pets are prohibited.

But – what is actually a cat cafe?

It has the same usual features like a normal cafe – chairs and/or sofas, tables, a variety of hot and cold beverages and some snacks. However, the special feature of a cat cafe is its cats. 12 kitty cats occupy the cozy Cat Cafe Budapest in Revay Utca. Also, so they don’t get bored and have a comfortable place to sleep the interior includes cat trees and baskets.

So why visit a cat cafe instead of a usual one?

There are indeed many upsides of such cafe. First of all it is for pet and cat lovers. It is beneficial for people who cannot have a pet for whatever reason, like traveling a lot or due to allergies of family members. Also people who are not allowed to have cats or pets of any kind in their flats can enjoy spending time with the little animals in the cafe. At the same time cats enjoy being pet and played with by cat lovers.20150401_204857000_iOS

A further reason is a psychological one. Most of the people know that there are therapies with animals, such as dolphins, horses or dogs. But have you ever heard that the purr of cats functions as a serotonin receptor? Meaning that if a person hears a cat purr, the brain releases serotonin, which functions as a natural anti-stress medicine. Therefore it is the perfect place to take a time-out in a hectic city from a busy life 🙂

When we entered Cat Café we have been welcomed very friendly. As being first timers to this kind of coffee house, the English speaking staff has briefly introduced us to the house rules. Those rules, such as turning off the flash when taking pictures or not lifting the animals, are important to obey in order to protect the kitty cats welfare.

The cat cafe has two rooms. The first and main room is a very light one with a loft character, the second one in the back serves as safe haven for the little animals. The interior is a mixture of antiquated chic chairs and tables and very modern sofas and cat trees. The cats can walk around freely – upstairs, downstairs, wherever they please. They can also sleep everywhere, in their provided places, but also on the tables, chairs and couches. We decided to take a seat next to a dark long-furred sleeping cat, which wasn’t bothered at all to be pet by us. On the contrary: Another four-legged friend decided to join our coffee party. The menu offers, next to coffee, tea and cold beverages, an assorted sample of delicious cakes and sandwiches.

Generally, Cat Café Budapest is a great place to zone out, relax and enjoy a great coffee – company is ensured regardless if you come alone or with a friend. Tripadvisor reviewer say it’s “an absolute must see”. In fact, Cat Café Budapest has been ranked 71st out of 1965 in the category “restaurants in Budapest”.


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