“A little party never killed nobody …”

Budapest has a great variety of opportunities to spend the evening or even the whole night out. Most of the locations can be found in the inner circle. Therefore, it is easy to combine dinner and drinks, dinner, drinks and dancing, bar-hopping, drinks and dancing, etc etc etc. You see where I’m going. Buses and trams are going very frequently until midnight, metros until 11 p.m. However, if you haven’t decided for one location after midnight or haven’t gotten home yet – taxis are available to affordable prices. From April to October nights are quite mild, therefore, who doesn’t mind a walk through the night is safe to do so.


Speaking of variety: the imagination is given free reign. So, as it is expected from a capital – there are restaurants for nearly every taste. Meaning that Budapest offers uncountable places with the local cuisine, but you can also find Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Sushi, vegan and many other restaurants. A further interesting point is that the mentioned variety of restaurants are available for every budget, big or small. Of course the restaurants in the city centre, where most tourists are, are more expensive, more exclusive, however, the food will be extraordinaire, the drinks exquisite. A bit offside the touristic attractions are more budget friendly dining places.


The same counts also for bars. There is for example a very fine vinery called DiVino, which I can truly recommend. It is right across the St. Stephans Basilika. Seats are available in- and outside. Meaning that if it is too cold or raining, you will find some cozy, modern sofas and bar chairs inside. However, if you get lucky enough to get a table outside, you will have a stunning view of the spotlighted Basilika, if you don’t you can take your glass of wine to the nearby fountain and enjoy the view from there. Despite the amazing location the prices are quite affordable – a wine per glass starts from 600 HUF (~2€).


For people who are rather looking for casual bars or cheap drinks won’t be disappointed neither. While going through the streets in the inner circle you will find many bars advertising cheap shots or cocktails. If you are looking for beer – you will find it on perceivably every corner of the city. Yet I would like to emphasize a little must visit resto/bar/pub called For Sale Pub Étterem, which is located across the market hall near the Liberty Bridge. It is a rustic place, where you can dine, have drinks or coffee. Every table has a huge bowl of peanuts free of charge. Furthermore, the pub sometimes offers live music. But the difference to other bars which makes For Sale Pub Étterem special are the little notes which are pinned all over the walls and the roof created by former visitors. We were sitting under a note from an Erasmus group from 2013 – two years might be not too long ago yet, however, we started smiling about the fact that two years ago other Erasmus students were sitting at the exact same place.


In order to cover all main groups of possibilities of spending the evening or even the whole night out in Budapest, I will finish with the part happening at the latest time of them all: the going out for dancing part. And again Budapest offers a great variety for every taste. People who like it more casual, want some free and/or cheap drinks are in good hands for example in Morrison’s 1 and 2. People who prefer a rather fancy location and electro beats should pay a visit in Oetkert, Aquarium or Hello Baby. An interesting fact to mention is that most of the times ladies can enjoy a free entry, while gents usually have to pay.


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