The final stretch

As they say, time flies when you’re having fun and this chapter is swiftly coming to a close. This is the final month of my Erasmus and stay in Budapest and it’s that time where you still want to enjoy the place and have some more fun but also that you kind of glad to go back because you start getting homesick and missing your family and friends.

At the same time it’s the most stressful part (if at all) from my international campaign because all the evaluations and papers and presentations and oral and written exams are closing in. I always resent the irony of summer semesters because when we actually need to study and make an effort to show what we “learned during the semester” is when the sunny days are upon us and the only thing we feel like doing is taking sun and water baths.

The classrooms feel like prison cells, the heat is unbearable, especially when the heating system is on (little BKF inside joke), and even the teachers are sweating and panting and wishing they were somewhere else taking part in some leisure-related activities or simply enjoying the good weather.

Oh well, as one of my teachersgji would say “such is life!” We have to accept our obligations and duties as well as our rights and privileges. I always try to manage my time the best way I can but, somehow every time, I end up with the impression that I could have done better…anyway, nowadays I obviously burst out of class and “to freedom” as fast as I can and I try to get as much as possible from the time I have left here.

Even as I’m writing this post I’m looking out the window, feeling the breeze come in, and sort of in a hurry to get it over with and go join my colleagues for some lunch under the sun.

Farewell land of the Danube, of paprika and pálinka, of trabants and castles but mainly of wonderful experiences and unforgettable memories…for as you have given to me, I only wish to you the very best!!


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