1-week/7 days/168 hours/10.080 minutes in Budapest

This post will give you some knowledge how a normal week of my Erasmus in Budapest looks like.

For some Erasmus students, the week usually starts with one course in the early morning on Monday.

The rest of the day students try to recover the missed hours of sleep from the weekend, or go shop some groceries for the week.

Tuesday is the busiest day of the week with 4 courses during the day from 9.30 am to 5pm. After the last course most students go home and relax.

On Wednesday only one course is marked on the schedule. That gives time for the student to do some sport activities like freeletics, go for a run to Margaret Island etc. On the evening the students usually meet for a drink or go play table tennis or table football in pubs located near to wesselenyi utca.

Half of the week is over. On Thursday what most of the students are waiting for is to go out after having spent a day at the university.

The pubs begin to get IMG_0002crowded until 3 or 4 am. The nightlife in Budapest offers a lot of possibilities, like for example Szimpla ( a huge pub with nooks filled with bric-a-brac, grafitti, art and so on. You can also sit in an old Trabant, watch open-air cinema, down shots or join in an acoustic jam session) or Forgas ( another ruin pub with a “kert” which means an open garden in the middle and on the second floor Dj’s playing techno music. It’s the right place to go for a late night out at the heart of the Jewish district.)

Why the students go out on Thursday? Is because on Friday for most Erasmus student no courses are scheduled.

After a hard night on Thursday, Friday starts for students usually at 12 pm. After having breakfast at lunchtime, the students relax on Maragret Island or on the shore of the Danube.

Day 6 of the week students spend usually the whole day outside, to discover new sights in Budapest and continue on the evening with the pub Marathon.

Sunday, due to the new law, most of the shops are closed. Therefore students either spent a big part of the day inside or meet with friends for a chillout in one of the several parks in Budapest.


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